The Menu

S4 E1 | | 29min

About this Episode

Today, for your listening pleasure, we have put together a fine selection of criticisms of Mark Mylod’s “The Menu.” While awaiting the first course, please enjoy a sampling of our latest intro music. Note the sadness in the tones and imagine what might be wrong with the musician who created it. Next, we’ll move into an amuse bouche specifically selected to cater to the most base of humankind, the everyman. We’ve named the amuse bouche, “Did you like it?” and while you’ll receive very little in the way of substance from the discussion, you will feel like you heard something. Finally, our main course begins with a vicious attack on Foodies that ends with a hint of vindication for Billy, who suffered great emotional harm at the hands of a megalomaniac chef. Dessert consists of the podcast hosts saying over and over again that things “go off the rails” until finally outro music starts and you are free to move onto a more meaningful time in your life.